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About Identacode Consulting
Identacode Consulting is a private sole owner legal review services LLC.  Expertise in high-quality, thorough DNA and biological evidence review for cases pending trial, cold cases and for post-conviction casework.  Proofreading and editing services also available.

In addition, I encourage professional development and research for students interested in gaining experience in criminal justice & forensic science.

​Experienced in case review, forensic DNA testing, training, testimony, validation, forensic research and quality assurance/quality control.

I am court qualified in CT, MA, ME, NY, NC, NJ and federal court.  I have testified previously for both the prosecution and defense as an independent expert witness.  

Over eighteen years of case review & experience for biological evidence (blood & other body fluids), DNA (human), mitochondrial DNA (human and animal hair), plant and other botanical evidence (evidentiary sample counts, DNA).  

​Working with defense bar, some highlight cases:
  • North Carolina v. Dwayne Dail (2007)/North Carolina v. William Neal (2010) - eyewitness misidentification and DNA identification by CODIS
  • North Carolina v. George Goode, Jr. (2004) - blood identification issues related to Duane Deaver fraudulent testimony
  • New York v. Carlos Marin (2013) - touch DNA mixtures and source (firearms)
  • New York v. Andrew Peaks/New York v. Jaquan Collins (2013) - Frye Hearing on low copy number tests and FST software
  • ​New York v. Dale Robertson (2015) - DNA contamination and transfer issues
  • New York v. Jevon Lawyer (2007) - presumptive blood identification; lack of DNA
  • Maine v. Aaron Olivares (2013) - touch DNA issue 
  • Maine v. Moses King (2014) - touch DNA issue (lack of)
  • Maine v. Jacob Graffam-Connors (2014) - touch DNA (mixtures, contraband)
  • New York v. Ben Odierno (2007) - DNA and blood identification; reconstruction
Committed to helping our clients find the answers to their questions.